AJAXTEST – HTTP Transfer Performance Benchmark & Analysis

Ajaxtest is a  HTTP transfer benchmark and analysis tool that transfers files to/from well-known servers using JavaScript’s “xmlhttprequest” method.  After each transfer it stores the time it takes to complete each transfer in a MySQL database.  After repeating the transfer a specified number of times it displays histogram, XY plot, and statistical analysis comparing throughput summaries for each file transferred during test.

The program compares total gain and/or loss derivations between 2 different multi-test executions.    The data is used to accurately compare performance deviations that occur due to a change in component(s) or configuration changes.

The Ajaxtest client program is written using standard HTML and JavaScript; It runs on all host platforms including servers, laptops, mobiles (Android, Apple, etc).

This tool was authored by Eric Edberg and was used by Alcatel-Lucent to validate, document, and analyze mobile data throughput when installing new equipment and/or implementing provisioning changes to cellular configurations.