Grand Rapids Cottage

Sue and I travel to the Bird lake home to spend time @ the cottage numerous times a year.  Sue was born on the lake in a similar tiny cottage and grew up for a few year wandering around the cows and corn.   Her parents now live on the lake full time since their retirement.

Eric has spent years restoring and painting the 1920’s cottage to keep  it from falling apart!  It’s work therapy; keeping busy during the morning hours when everyone else is still sleeping.  It took Eric about 8 years to refinish about 35 original 8-pane windows.

Click the URL below to view a photo inventory of the cottage taken in 2017 after Eric had freshly painted most of the interior.

Cottage     Cottage2

And don’t forget tub-toys; We love to play during our off time…

GrandRapids_EricRelaxing_2006 Yamaha2010VXDeluxe