Village Of Holiday Lake

Our mobile home is part of the Village Of Holiday Lake community in Port Charlotte Florida.  It was established around 1975 and contains about 550 units.  We purchased in 2010 and Sue and I spend 4 months a year during the winter months here since retirement.

VHL-Aerial-View     2014 @ Florida

Common VHL Links

Port Charlotte County

At the end of each year I download Port Charlotte Property Appraiser records for all residences in VHL and placed them into an Excel Workbook.  It includes information about all currently registered owners and also historical property sales.  Click the Excel Workbook link to download.  The data in the XLS only shows data published by the county, which is not current.

Harbor Village Commercial & Residential Development

The undeveloped area (to the left in the picture above) was going to be developed with a combination of homes and commercial properties farther north.  This development is referred to as:   Harbor Village.

  • As of early 2023, development planning and the county approval process has stalled and all parcels are listed for sale (once again).

Click <HERE> to view the information I maintain about this property and development.