2018 Apple Cider Century 9/30/2018 – 34th Consecutive Year

My friends and I completed yet another Apple Cider Century bike ride.   I’ve rode every year since 1986; 34 years straight.  Eric Claeys has only missed riding a couple years;  Jacques and Marianne missed a couple more.  This year was scheduled to be a rain-fest, but the weather magically cleared up during the night for a beautiful morning of riding.  I rode 50 miles over 2 days.  I’m shooting for 50 straight years, but will have to depend on my health and home location in the coming years.  I rode the shortest of the bunch and completed a shorter route (30 miles) since Susan did not ride and we had to travel to Grand Rapids that day for her fathers memorial service a couple of days later.  I miss Dick already.  Eric C, Jacques and Marianne were on track to ride the 50 mile route.  Congratulations to them!

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