Birgit Evelyn Cier Funeral

Eric’s aunt:  Birgit Evelyn Cier, passed away on 01/29/2017 due to complications from a broken hip and stroke.   Birgit will be missed by the entire Edberg  clan including her long-time friends in Phoenix, relatives from the Hilton and Metz families, and Susan Edberg whom Birgit considered a daughter at the end.

  • The funeral home obituary is <HERE>
  • Text of Susan Edberg’s Eulogy is <HERE>
  • Text of Kathy Stapes Eulogy read by Eric Edberg is <HERE>
  • Text of one of the pastor’s Holy Gospel reading is <HERE>
  • A short album of pictures are posted <HERE>

Please say a prayer for Birgit and remember her fondly.

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