We Buy A New (used) 2018 Harris Pontoon!

Sue and I purchased a replacement pontoon before returning from Memorial Day vacation.   Our very-old 2001 Plabuoy finally was just too much to maintain.  This winter while in storage a racoon tore up 3 seats and urinated all over the boat. The motor decided to not run well above 4K RPM (probably needed a gas line filter cleaning).   It was time to upgrade.

We purchased a used 2018 Harris Pontoon from a local marina.  It was not even listed yet as it was only delivered a day before we stopped by.   Hopefully this one will last another 20 years like the one we currently have.

Here is a link to pictures we took at the marina…


The marina will clean the boat, validate everything is working and change all fluids, filters, etc on the motor.  

We also traded-in our existing pontoon as it would be hard for us to sell if Sue and I were not around.   The mechanic stated they probably would just rebuild the motor next winter and sell it separately from the base pontoon which would go to a builder to refurbish.

Sue and I will arrive around 6/18 and schedule them to deliver the pontoon within a couple days.  They will take the old pontoon then too.

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