Sue & Eric at Morton Arboretum Origami Exhibit

Sue and Eric took a peek at the Morton Arboretum Origami Exhibit on Sat July 20, 2017.  We saw a who bunch of Origami-based statues that were originally made from paper forms and then replicated as metal sculptures…    The day was absolutely perfect;  sunny around 80 degrees…

<CLICK HERE> to see a collection of photos that Eric took…

My First VHL Fish

Caught my first fish in the Village Of Holiday Lake lake the first time we tried….  I think it’s a Tilapia although friends of the Burgoon’s state it’s a Crappie.  Been fishing the canal for 10 years and my brother-in-law only caught 1.  We were also toying with a 5′ alligator who came when he heard the lures plopping in the water….

Birgit Evelyn Cier Funeral

Eric’s aunt:  Birgit Evelyn Cier, passed away on 01/29/2017 due to complications from a broken hip and stroke.   Birgit will be missed by the entire Edberg  clan including her long-time friends in Phoenix, relatives from the Hilton and Metz families, and Susan Edberg whom Birgit considered a daughter at the end.

  • The funeral home obituary is <HERE>
  • Text of Susan Edberg’s Eulogy is <HERE>
  • Text of Kathy Stapes Eulogy read by Eric Edberg is <HERE>
  • Text of one of the pastor’s Holy Gospel reading is <HERE>
  • A short album of pictures are posted <HERE>

Please say a prayer for Birgit and remember her fondly.

Danny Horne & Marissa Perry Wedding – 2016/10/15

Our niece, daughter of Sue’s sister Marcy & Virgil Perry, married Danny Horne on Sat, October 15th 2016 in Oregon.  Sue and I, along with numerous relatives and friends attended to celebrate their union.  Eric Edberg took a few pictures which are posted <HERE> on 10/16.  Additional images will be added in the near future.

Good luck Marissa and Danny in your new partnership together!

Biking 12/19 in FL and Saw This Lynx….

Was riding my bike later on in the day today and a Florida Lynx that looked just like this one slowly trotted across the bike path 8 feet in front of me not bothered at all that I was about to run into him.

Sue and I were just talking about the lack of wildlife in the back yard this year…  Just got to look in the right locations I guess.